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Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, & generally stuck in life?

Maybe you’re aware that you’re holding yourself back but just can’t seem to make any lasting changes (though you’ve tried!)

Life feels like it keeps happening TO you and despite the fun moments, you don’t feel in control. And this makes you act out in ways you’re not proud of

Well, you’re in the right place.

I help you retrain your mind and reconnect with yourself in a holistic, balanced way so you can stop living reactively and take empowered action.

Where to start


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The Blog

Learn about what might be keeping you stuck as well as daily actions you can take to get un-stuck.


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Guide to Holistic Habits

What are holistic habits and why are they foundational to overcoming chronic stress, burnout & overwhelm?


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Create Your Vision

A lot of times when you’re struggling in life, part of what’s lacking is a strong (or seemingly attainable) vision for a life you’re excited to live, as well as a strong sense of identity. Building your higher self profile can help fix that.


From books, productivity techniques, and free workbooks, browse my resources page.


Contact me to learn more about how you can work with my to retrain your mind, build a more resilient sense of self, and feel more empowered day to day.


Hi, I’m Michelle!

I’m the writer behind this site! I’m here to help you on your self-healing and self-growth journey so you can stop standing in your own way & feel empowered day to day!

I love strength training, dancing, travel, and stumbling across a cool mural.


“Our basic blueprint as humans is connection and bonding- sometimes we just need the right support at the right time to find our way back home.”

Dr. Scott Lyons