30 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Uncertain or Stuck In Life

Whether or not you believe in journaling or think its only an activity for young kids…

Dear Diary. Today Mom let me eat ice cream!! And I saw this new toy I want. (Or once you got a little older maybe you journaled about the girl/boy who was so cute in middle school)

…there are many benefits to asking ourselves very simple questions on a routine basis, and forcing ourselves to provide honest answers.

Nothing provides me more clarity than writing my thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams down on paper.

It forces you to stop and take inventory on what’s going on inside you — we think we know so well but the truth gets lost in the hustle and bustle of every day life and responsibilities.

If you feel stuck or very uncertain at the moment, if you feel like you’re lacking clarity on where you are and where you want to be, try some of the following prompts. I personally like writing a quick bullet list of what comes to mind.

  1. What are 5 things I am grateful for right now?
  2. List 3 people I am thankful for right now.
  3. Where was I 10 years ago?
  4. Define in detail what happiness means for me.
  5. Based on that definition, what would make me happy right now?
  6. What’s standing in the way of that happiness?
  7. What is something that I’ve done that makes me feel more alive? Write about it.
  8. What are 5 of my strongest qualities? (If you struggle to come up with it, ask a few people you trust to give you honest answers! I’ve done this before and it helps.)
  9. What are my priorities?
  10. What can I de-clutter physically or emotionally to find more ease and simplicity?
  11. What am I really really good at?
  12. What do I really enjoy doing? Why does it bring me joy?
  13. What are my top 5 core values? (If you don’t know what they are, write about what you might like your core values to be.)
  14. How do I want other people to feel when they’re around me?
  15. What would I be doing if money or other people’s opinions didn’t hold me back?
  16. Is there a kind of life that you envy? Identify if you do, and describe what it would look like for you to create your own life around your dreams.
  17. What does success mean to me?
  18. What am I curious about?
  19. What excites me to learn more about?
  20. What am I most proud of this month?
  21. What is a short-term goal I’m confident I can achieve?
  22. What small action can I take this week towards that goal?
  23. What does self-care look like for me?
  24. What does my ideal day look like (i.e. where am I, who am I with, what am I doing?)
  25. Am I surrounding myself with people who bring out the best in me?
  26. What is an important lesson I’ve learned recently?
  27. What are the memories you would want to have had when it’s all said and done?
  28. What am I afraid of?
  29. What’s currently draining my energy?
  30. What do I need to give up, say no to, or let go of?

I took inspiration for some of these from the following bloggers. Check out their work!

What are some journaling prompts that have helped you gain clarity at times where you feel very uncertain or stuck in life? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know if any of these prompts are helpful for you in the comments below. 🙂

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