Welcome to Let’s Live Inspired – I’m Michelle, and I’m so glad to have you here!

I’ll get right to it. Let’s Live Inspired is a holistic personal development site. It’s a space for self growth and self healing, and I’m here to help guide you on your personal journey as you overcome what’s holding you back and build a deeper, more resilient connection with yourself and your life. We will do this by taking a holistic view of your wellness.

The end result, I hope, is that you feel empowered & inspired to take your well-being and fulfillment into your own hands so you can feel your best and radiate that energy into all areas of your life!

I also write frequently about anything and everything I come across that relates to ways we can live better, and live a well rounded, balanced life. If I’ve found value in it, if it’s made me think or improved my life in some way, I share it with you.

I’m so happy you’re here! And if you’re new to my site, it might be most helpful if you start here.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about me and why I started Let’s Live Inspired, keep reading below for a lengthier background!

My Story

Michelle standing in front of a building smiling; Your self growth/self healing mentor

This blog is the result of me feeling, well…pretty UN-inspired with life. And unable to fully make sense as to why.

It’s not like things were all bad. I had a good job, supportive relationships, and a lot of (what many people would view as) accomplishments.

But at the same time, I cycled through extreme changes in my mood. Super happy and connected one moment, and extremely disconnected, depressed, and self-sabotaging the next. Life felt out of my control, and my anxiety nagged at me. If you asked me to pinpoint why I felt this way, I could not answer you. Because like I said, there wasn’t anything super major that (to my rational self) should warrant such a struggle.

I was exceling at my job. I had great friends, a loving supportive family and relationship. Sure, not too long ago, I had moved to a new city alone, processed a break up, and had my first taste of the corporate working world. But that was far behind me, and nothing in my day to day life seemed to point to any extreme stress.

Over time, as I continued to try to make sense of the feelings and out run them, of course the negative moments started to feel like they outweighed the positive. I couldn’t truly allow myself to embrace life’s good moments because the nagging pull of my deteriorating mental health remained.

I’d continue through cycles of relatively stable, ordinary or neutral life moments, extremely happy or liberating moments, followed by random outbursts of self sabotaging behavior, each time leaving me feeling like I’d hit a new low. And when I was at my low, I struggled to not shame or loathe myself for not being able to adjust my mindset and be positive.

The more I engaged in these cycles, the worse the outbursts would becomes (and the less in control I’d feel), and the worse overall I’d feel.

I felt lost, confused, and isolated even from my closest relationships. They probably wouldn’t have noticed though. On top of it all, I couldn’t imagine this feeling ever going away. And, I felt shame and guilt for feeling all the above. And, given that I lived alone, it felt safer to hide behind the wall of my high achieving, smiling, and likable self that I’d show the world and release any confusing emotions while alone.

The pandemic of course didn’t make things any better. It basically pushed me to a point where I could no longer avoid what I’d spent the past 4 or so years repressing. (I know I’m not alone in this scenario!)

One day during quarantine while I was working at home in my studio apartment, I remember being overcome with emotion (over something stupidly small, I’m sure…I don’t even remember what anymore. Some minor work stress).

I decided I’d had enough. I didn’t quite know how to make things better, but I decided I needed to pour my energy into something.

I’ve always loved writing and had thought about starting a blog for a long time, but always put it off, never knowing what I’d write about.

Well, that very day I purchased a domain and committed to doing something and figuring it out as I went.

And it morphed into a self growth/self healing site!

I am sharing with you my journey towards understanding how I got to the place I just described to begin with, & combining everything that I learned with my passion for health and wellbeing into a place where I could gather & share knowledge, tips, and resources to help empower others to get themselves out of similar places in life where you might be feeling lost, stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed, out of control of the trajectory of your life.

The end result is a more resilient view of yourself and your life — one that takes you from reactionary living to fully embracing things as they are (the good and the bad) & inspires you to live in better alignment.

I hope you find value in what I have to share. And if you’re currently going through a low period, or cycling through life the way I was, know that there’s a perfectly good explanation for it and it won’t always feel this way!

If you’re interested in some guidance or support through your growth or healing journey, send me a message and lets chat!

Much Love,

Michelle <3