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My Story

Welcome to Let’s Live Inspired! I’m Michelle.

This blog is the result of me feeling, well…pretty UN-inspired with life. I am sharing with you my journey towards understanding how I got to that place to begin with, & combining everything that I learned with my passion for health and wellbeing into a place where I could gather & share knowledge, tips, and resources to help empower others to get themselves out of similar places in life where you might be feeling lost, stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed, out of control of the trajectory of your life etc. You name it!

I’m passionate about a lot of things (hello salsa dancing and mural hunting!), but living a balanced, intentional, and fulfilling life just might take the cake. Because it impacts EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything. Notably, your inspiration, energy, and excitement towards getting the most out of this beautiful life. I believe that life is best lived when you are feeling inspired. But inspiration is greatly misunderstood. And as a result, at various stages in life and for various reasons, we lose that feeling. We struggle to define what motivates us or drives us in life. Or what once did no longer does. And sometimes, it can be really hard to figure out why?

Whatever it is that inspires you, if you’ve lost touch with it or if it comes second to the life you feel pressured to follow, this blog hopes to help you get your inspiration back. None of this is to say inspiration is a passive activity. Something that just falls into your lap. Quite the opposite. Like so many things in life, it comes from a set of regular, intentional practices.

From my experience, I also believe it comes from growing out of touch with your true self, with living on auto-pilot, and not proactively prioritizing your mental and emotional health as much as you do your physical health. And so that’s why if I had to sum up the type of knowledge you’ll find on my site, it is all about holistic health. Taking care of the complete person — mind, body, and soul. Because it’s all related!

I also write frequently about anything and everything I come across that relates to ways we can live better, and live a well rounded, balanced life. If I’ve found value in it, if it’s made me think or improved my life in some way, I share it with you.


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