8 Ways to Design Your Environment for Success

Think of someone you admire for being very effective at what they do. It could be someone who excels in a particular area that you’re interested in developing — i.e. a hard skill at work, fitness, mindset. Or, quite simply, it could be someone who just overall seems to have their sh*t together while youContinue reading “8 Ways to Design Your Environment for Success”

How I’m Approaching the New Year

Cheers to (almost) making it through what’s been an extremely difficult year. I know we’re all eager to move on from 2020 and hopeful (or desperate) for a better year in 2021. Regardless of all the madness of the past year, time doesn’t stop. It continues to pass whether we enjoy our time or not.Continue reading “How I’m Approaching the New Year”

The Allure of Pessimism

Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist? Perhaps a combination of the two? Whatever you answer, you’ve likely come across the allure of pessimism at some time or another. Maybe it was the ‘cool kids’ at school whose pessimistic outlook on school work and ‘trying hard’ seemed enticing. Trying hard wasn’tContinue reading “The Allure of Pessimism”

5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Can Benefit From

I remember the distinct moment when the thought first crossed my mind that a hobby of mine was a waste of time. When I was younger, I loved my drawing and painting classes at school. Not to say I was every that great at it. But I found it relaxing, I liked to observe andContinue reading “5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Can Benefit From”

The Secret To A Long & Happy Life

What we can learn from Sardinian Centenarians In a small town in Southern Sardinia lives a ‘local legend‘ named Francesco Paba. Each day, Francesco makes his way down steep cobblestone steps and enters a bar where he enjoys a glass of wine and a laugh with whichever member of his community he happens to crossContinue reading “The Secret To A Long & Happy Life”

On Elimination

‘Tis the season of “more.” If there’s ever a time of year where people remember to reflect and be grateful for life, it’s now. Yet in the midst of showing our gratitude, we’re also preparing to add more to our lives. More to be ‘grateful’ for in the future. And I’m not just talking aboutContinue reading “On Elimination”

Overcoming An All-Or-Nothing Mindset

Perfection is not a standard, it’s an obstacle. Unknown There is no way to genuinely, powerfully, truly love yourself while crafting a mask of perfection. Vironika Tugaleva What Is An All Or Nothing Mindset? Have you ever been made to feel — either by yourself or by others– that you have to be either thisContinue reading “Overcoming An All-Or-Nothing Mindset”

4 Life-Changing Mindset Shifts

Did you know that altering even a single word in your personal narrative can have a massive change on your life? Language can be that powerful. So too, can thoughts. It sounds simple. It sounds too small to be impactful.  But if you’ve kept up with my writing for a little while now, you knowContinue reading “4 Life-Changing Mindset Shifts”

7 Unconventional Sources of Inspiration

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes conventional advice on finding inspiration just doesn’t work. You’ve already taken 10 walks. Worked out 4 days this week. Tried a new early morning routine. Read 20 books. Journaled. Listened to music. Tried everything on the list. Sometimes you just need to be inspired by the lows andContinue reading “7 Unconventional Sources of Inspiration”

30 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Uncertain or Stuck In Life

Whether or not you believe in journaling or think its only an activity for young kids… Dear Diary. Today Mom let me eat ice cream!! And I saw this new toy I want. (Or once you got a little older maybe you journaled about the girl/boy who was so cute in middle school) …there areContinue reading “30 Journal Prompts For When You Feel Uncertain or Stuck In Life”