On Beginning

The line to check out books at the local library was fairly short, just two people ahead, and three machines available for use. Yet the little girl plopped down on the dusty carpet floor and opened her first adventure, while her mom carried four more in her arms, patiently waiting their turn.

A week later, she had finished all five books and set out to bind her own, the first mystery story of many. A stack of blank white paper, a three whole punch, some yarn, a pencil, and some crayons for the cover artwork. She did it all.

Then she grew up, as we all do. Slowly that creativity melted and pragmatism took its place. She became too realistic in her thinking, her actions influenced and even limited by the way she allowed society to dictate what her life could be. She studied Economics, because it was practical. Because it’d improve her job prospects. She took a job in technology, because it was practical and a good opportunity to learn. A good next step.

But her true inspiration was gone.

Well, maybe not entirely. Try as she might, she couldn’t shake the random moments of a deep longing to write and create. To experience the world. To connect on a global scale. To fully take control and design her lifestyle and then give back. But her often perfectionist, practical self found ways to put it off, to tell her no, sinking her deeper and deeper into an unfulfilled, unquestioned monotony of life (with many breaks for great moments of course). This only seemed to accelerate the pace at which her life progressed.

But the longing persisted until one day she just did it. She started a blog, with a million, unrelated, incohesive ideas swimming in her head that likely had no practical place in this world, and surely no connection for a single unified blog. But it spoke to her. It made her feel inspired, made her want to chase all the moments of life that made her feel inspired.

And so she started this blog. I’m the little girl. This is my story. My collection of inspirations, along with how to take that first step towards living inspired. Reconnect with your instincts, let go of your fear and refuse to look back.

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