8 Ways to Design Your Environment for Success

Think of someone you admire for being very effective at what they do. It could be someone who excels in a particular area that you’re interested in developing — i.e. a hard skill at work, fitness, mindset. Or, quite simply, it could be someone who just overall seems to have their sh*t together while youContinue reading “8 Ways to Design Your Environment for Success”

How I’m Approaching the New Year

Cheers to (almost) making it through what’s been an extremely difficult year. I know we’re all eager to move on from 2020 and hopeful (or desperate) for a better year in 2021. Regardless of all the madness of the past year, time doesn’t stop. It continues to pass whether we enjoy our time or not.Continue reading “How I’m Approaching the New Year”

5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Can Benefit From

I remember the distinct moment when the thought first crossed my mind that a hobby of mine was a waste of time. When I was younger, I loved my drawing and painting classes at school. Not to say I was every that great at it. But I found it relaxing, I liked to observe andContinue reading “5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Can Benefit From”