How to find a balance between imitation and originality

One of the reasons I’m so big on living a well rounded life is that in multiple areas of life and personal growth, there is such a fine balance between extremes. Find yourself too far on one side of the spectrum, and you could be shortchanging yourself. One such fine line that I’ve found myselfContinue reading “How to find a balance between imitation and originality”

How to use a software development framework to help you reach your life goals

Don’t fear — just because this article has “software development” in the title does not mean it’s going to get technical. 🙂 It is a bit of a longer post, however, so I’m providing a table of contents. Jump to whichever section you’re interested in, (or even the summary if you’re looking for a quickContinue reading “How to use a software development framework to help you reach your life goals”

How I’m Approaching the New Year

Cheers to (almost) making it through what’s been an extremely difficult year. I know we’re all eager to move on from 2020 and hopeful (or desperate) for a better year in 2021. Regardless of all the madness of the past year, time doesn’t stop. It continues to pass whether we enjoy our time or not.Continue reading “How I’m Approaching the New Year”

The Allure of Pessimism

Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist? Perhaps a combination of the two? Whatever you answer, you’ve likely come across the allure of pessimism at some time or another. Maybe it was the ‘cool kids’ at school whose pessimistic outlook on school work and ‘trying hard’ seemed enticing. Trying hard wasn’tContinue reading “The Allure of Pessimism”

Why Self-Awareness Is So Hard (But So Important)

Note: The picture associated with this post is one that I took myself. To follow more of my photography, click here. There’s a fable about a lion and the sheep that I find silly but that is actually a great example of our blind spots in our own lives. It goes like this: There wasContinue reading “Why Self-Awareness Is So Hard (But So Important)”