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The purpose of this section of my blog is to foster a sense of community with people from all around the world. It’s a space where guests on my site can share their answers and unique perspectives to a couple of life’s important questions. By doing so, they share a piece of their personal story. My hope is that you, the reader, will find value in this community. Whatever stage of life you’re passing through, whatever is on your mind, whatever you may be stuck on, I hope you find some inspiration from the TELL YOUR STORY series. Happy reading!

Introducing today’s guest: Amanda

What inspires you?

I am inspired by those who leave the world in a better place than they found it.

What excites you?

I am excited about growth and the endless possibilities that the future holds for me.

What’s your personal philosophy?

Simple- Be Kind.

What advice would you give someone who is currently feeling lost or purposeless in life? What helps you or has helped you before in these situations?

My biggest advice is to simply explore. Volunteer your time, explore hobbies that interest you, self reflect on your career and if you want a change, and chat with friends and family that you trust. Remember that is is okay to have multiple purposes in life. Resetting by doing these things have helped ground me in the past and have helped me rediscover my passions.

Have any specific books/podcasts/videos/social media accounts/people had a significant impact on you and your outlook on life? If so, what would you share with others?

My parents have had the biggest impact on my outlook in life, how I treat others, and how I see the world. Their way that they handle any situations that comes their way, good or bad, with grace is something so admirable. When it comes to philosophy, my dad always says two things. “You do not have to be friends with everyone, but you should be friendly” and “hate is a strong word” are two concepts that I take with me and attempt to live by.

Tell me a bit about your story– what is a part of your story (or your identity) that has most shaped you as a person?

Besides my parents, sports has been a big factor in shaping who I am. I grew up playing soccer since I was three years old, played competitively growing up, and then played at the division one level in college. The skills that I have gained from sports, both personally and professionally, have undoubtedly impacted who I am and how I go about the days.

With that being said, I think it is important to note that when I finished college soccer, there was some time that I felt I lost my identity. However, I realized that sports were only a part of me, not the full me. With a chapter of my life closed, it has allowed me discover other purpose in life. Self reflection, exploring hobbies, volunteering, and learning what I like career wise have helped me find “me” post college soccer career. As I get older, explore, and evolve more, I know that my experiences in the future will continue to shape me into a better version of myself each time.

What are you hoping readers will take away from what you have to share?

Be kind and continue to use your experiences to evolve into a better version of yourself each day.

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