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Background of TELL YOUR STORY:

The purpose of this section of my blog is to foster a sense of community with people from all around the world. It’s a space where guests on my site can share their answers and unique perspectives to a couple of life’s important questions. By doing so, they share a piece of their personal story. My hope is that you, the reader, will find value in this community. Whatever stage of life you’re passing through, whatever is on your mind, whatever you may be stuck on, I hope you find some inspiration from the TELL YOUR STORY series. Happy reading!

Introducing today’s guest: James

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by life. I know that might sound vague to some, but life and everything that’s in it, is inspirational. The beauty, the pain, the concept of death, beginnings and endings, everything.

What excites you?

I’m excited by a new idea. I could be in a bus or driving and something drops in my mind – an insight or deeper understanding of something I had read or seen. My face would light up like a Christmas tree. Beautiful moments that I look forward to as often as possible.

What’s your personal philosophy?

My philosophy is quite simple: make each day count. Little steps, in mind or body, that contributes to my overall goal and success.

What advice would you give someone who is currently feeling lost or purposeless in life? What helps you or has helped you before in these situations?

My advice would be to find yourself first. I help people look in the mirror, but I first had to look in my own mirror and face my demons.

Have any specific books/podcasts/videos/social media accounts/people had a significant impact on you and your outlook on life? If so, what would you share with others?

The Superior Man by David Deida and No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover.

Tell me a bit about your story– what is a part of your story (or your identity) that has most shaped you as a person?

Like I said previously, looking in the mirror and discovering the source of my trauma shaped me into who I am today. It was ugly. The ugliness broke me. But in my brokenness I found redemption. I found hope. I found love.

What are you hoping readers will take away from what you have to share?

I hope that the readers see vulnerability as a source of strength and path to purpose.

Do you have a business/project/website/social media account/etc. that you’d like to share? Please share your links below so that I can share them with my readers!

Connect with James on the platforms below. He is a very powerful writer and deep thinker about everything from mental health to relationships and how we can push ourselves to be better and get more out of life.



His website is still under construction but once completed, I’ll update it here. 🙂

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