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The purpose of this section of my blog is to foster a sense of community with people from all around the world. It’s a space where guests on my site can share their answers and unique perspectives to a couple of life’s important questions. By doing so, they share a piece of their personal story. My hope is that you, the reader, will find value in this community. Whatever stage of life you’re passing through, whatever is on your mind, whatever you may be stuck on, I hope you find some inspiration from the TELL YOUR STORY series. Happy reading!

Introducing today’s guest: Morgan

What inspires you?

People who live in a state of gratitude inspire me. There is a reason that so many religions tout the importance of practicing gratitude. Even medical science proves that this practice reduces brain inflammation and prolongs your life. People who not only recognize the importance of this, but also make time to notice the little things they are thankful for (on a daily basis) are such an inspiration. It just seems to trickle outward through every interaction they have with those around them. Their inner peace just shows!

What excites you?

What excites me is helping people actually realize health goals they have had forever, but have been unable to execute or sustain because of restrictive dieting and exercise burnout. I truly truly get so amped every time a new client starts to open their eyes to the realities of food freedom and no longer being a slave to the scale, while increasing their energy levels, healing their body from hormonal dysfunction, and achieving their fat loss goals. My clients excite and inspire me daily!

What’s your personal philosophy?

My personal philosophy is to continuously seek balance, harmony, and variety. I am not perfect at this, but I try to compartmentalize (in a good way) by using my mind palace to put things in their place and prioritize time for each. Church, family time, fun and self care, my small business, and preventive wellness.

What advice would you give someone who is currently feeling lost or purposeless in life? What helps you or has helped you before in these situations?

It all goes back to gratitude! I would tell that person to start first by just writing down 10 things they are grateful for every day. Specific things. Big or small. Make this your first priority as you start to wind down for the evening. It will be difficult at first, but you will start to get in the habit. And then you will start looking for little things throughout the day that you can look forward to recording in your journal that evening. As you develop this practice, it has been scientifically proven that those who practice gratitude have marked improvement in mental health markers. Other things that have personally helped me were finding a spiritual community (for me, it was a small group in my Church), and making time for meditation and prayer in the morning, and prayer again at night.

Have any specific books/podcasts/videos/social media accounts/people had a significant impact on you and your outlook on life? If so, what would you share with others?

One author that I have found to be very informative and inspiring is Lynne McTaggart. She writes about the research behind the power of intention. Her books The Field and The Intention Experiment break down multiple studies related to the power of thought and how our thoughts and intentions impact everything and everybody around us. Our thoughts are so powerful. Another book on the power of thought I would recommend is As a Man Thinketh and it is a short, powerful read on some universal laws on the power of thought that have stood the test of time. Other favorite podcasts: Mom is in Control (Heather Chauvin), Joe Rogan, and Rachel Hollis.

Tell me a bit about your story– what is a part of your story (or your identity) that has most shaped you as a person?

My own health journey has truly shaped me as a person. A few years ago my health started to decline dramatically fast. I felt terrible on a daily basis, had awful anxiety and depression, migraines, heart palpitations, intermittent numbness in my limbs, joint pain, and general autoimmune symptoms. I got the million dollar work up trying to figure out what was wrong and ended up with zero answers from traditional tests. I finally said enough is enough and started approaching my health more holistically. I GRADUALLY implemented steps: I cleaned up my diet, started seeing a holistic practitioner, cut out gluten, going to the chiropractor, went back to church, started meditating, getting enough sleep, exercising, and started carb cycling, tracking macros, and intermittent fasting. My symptoms have all but vanished. I still have to stay “on top of things” or my body starts to notice! But I am so thankful that, even though I didn’t find many “answers”, I did find solutions! I truly believe this was all part of a divine plan to lead me to the path I am on today as a health coach, helping others heal their body through whole food nutrition.

What are you hoping readers will take away from what you have to share?

I hope readers take away that even when your brain is full of chatter, and you’re feeling like you’re at your wits end mentally, physically, or spiritually, that there are always little ways you can eat away at the anxiety, one small habit at a time.

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Morgan is a certified health coach that helps people lose fat safely & effectively through fitness & nutrition training!

In her coaching program, she teaches people how to track macros, carb cycle, intermittent fast, and pair their exercise schedule with their nutrition so they can burn fat SAFELY, prevent disease, and fulfill their purpose with energy! Check out her links below.

Instagram: @morganhconwill

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